Twitter Now Allows You to Upload Live Photos as GIFs

Twitter had added features to upload live photos as GIFs. Before the update, the live images uploaded to Twitter have been still displayed as photographs. However, after the update, you can now upload live photos by pressing one button.

What are Apple Live Photos?

In 2015, Apple introduced Live Photos with iPhone 6s. Every phone after the release of Live Photos and iPhone 6s has been able to support Live Photos. We can define live photos as moving pictures with video and audio.

Once the live photo is captured, you have multiple options of what to do with the live picture, like converting it into GIF and many more.

Method to Upload Live Photos to Twitter as GIFs:

Most of the platforms don’t support Live Photos. But you can take the help of Facebook to share Live Photos. You have to share Live Photos by converting it into GIF format before sharing them.

Twitter still hasn’t offered an option to convert Live Photos to GIFs. So there is the only option of converting Live Photo to GIFs using an application else. You will have only one opportunity left that is to upload the Live Photos as image.

It is simple to post a Live Photo to Twitter. Follow these steps to post a Live Photo to Twitter:

1. First of all, open the Twitter app on your iOS device.

2. Click on the Compose icon.

3. Select any photo or video from your device.

4. The next step is to tap the GIF button in the bottom-left corner of the Live Photo.

5. After following these steps, Twitter will post as a GIF.

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