Top 5 Educational Websites for Students

The website that provides learning options to students at different levels is referred to as an educational website. In the era of the internet, students are much focused on E-learning than books. E-learning refers to online classes through the help of the internet, which helps the student to save time and get more detailed information on any subject.

Here are some of the best educational websites for students that offers many courses and provides an effective learning platform for students.


Udemy is an informative website that offers multiple useful courses to students of various subject matters. Udemy is not free to use, and it uses its content to generate profit from learners and students. Some of the famous courses offered by Udemy are Computer Programming, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Drawing, Music, Art, and many more, which help the students to gain new knowledge and improve their skills. Many students are satisfied by courses provided by Udemy, and students all over the world are using it as an effective learning platform.

Link to Udemy:


Coursera is another great learning platform which gives provides many online courses all over the world. Courses offered in Coursera is taught by the top and excellent instructors from the best universities and who have unique teaching experience. Courses come with video lectures, assignments, challenges, discussion, and many other activities.

Link to Coursera:


Khanacademy is an education website that provides courses for free to everyone. It is a non-profitable website that offers tons of free classes for students all over the world. It offers useful courses that help the students to focus on deep learning, which enhances the thinking and understandability of students. Khanacademy can be the best educational website to learn about Maths, Science, and also computer programming.

Link to Khanacademy:


Edx is a learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard University, which offers high quality and productive courses from instructors with the best experience all over the world. Edx, which is a great learning platform for students, also includes top global rankers.

Link to Edx:


Howcast is another excellent educational website that offers lots of courses related to many subject matters and areas. It provides more courses as compared to any site listed and described below. So, it would help if you gave Howcast a try.

Link to Howcast:

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