Some Ways to Make Use of Your Old Tablet

how to make use of your old tablet?

If your old tablet is running is getting slow, and also it doesn’t offer the high-resolution screen that the tablets of a new brand, offers, that doesn’t mean you will throw your old tablet in the trash bin. There is plenty of stuff you can still do with your old tablet to turn your boring life into an awesome one.

Here are some best ways you can make use of your old tablet:

1. Turn it into Travel Computer

Travelling with a laptop can be a significant problem. There are many chances of damages to your computer while going with it. Also, some laptops are not travel-friendly as they cannot adjust in your lap. So, here you can use make use of your old tablet. Your old tablet is portable, and you can also use it to do some work in the presence of the internet. You can enjoy listening to music, browsing social media, reading articles, and many other pieces of stuff with your old tablet during travel time.

2. Use it as Portable Photo Editor

If you own a good camera or a smartphone with a good-quality camera and you are fond of taking photos, you can still use your old tablet to edit photos. There are tons of photo editing applications available for your tablet that will allow you to select photos from your old tablet. After choosing the picture, you can share it among friends and family and also upload it to the cloud.

3. Turn it into Digital Typewriter

Your old tablet can still be used as a digital typewriter. You can type and store notes, novels, letters, essays, etc. on your tablet. The typed notes and documents can be shared and accessed at anytime you want. You can spend your free time typing letters and other materials on your old tablet. There are lots of free and paid typewriter applications available in the Google Play Store. You can pick any one of them of your choice and start converting your old tablet into your new digital typewriter.

4. Use it as a Digital Clock

If you are looking for a good clock in your study to maintain time table, your old tablet can be a good choice. There are tons of clock applications for your old tablet with attractive and excellent features. You can use it as an alarm clock that will help you wake up every morning.

5.Convert it into Digital Picture Frame

A picture frame can cost you up to hundreds of dollars to buy. With the purpose of showing up your family photos, your old tablet can also perform the same action as a decent picture frame. Buy an inexpensive stand for your old tablet and place it on the table or any location you think it is better to show up the picture. There are many digital photo frame applications available for your tablet in the applications vendor you have installed inside your system. Pick one of them and start using an old tablet as a digital picture frame and start showing up your favourite picture. 





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