Skype has stopped working Skype crashes at startup [solved]

Though Skype works just fine, sometimes it can be crashed with “Skype has stopped working”.
Do not panic it can be solved easily. (Especially error gets when Skype starts) you can follow following steps and it helps you to get Skype back to work

Here we go
A file that stored Application Data folder creates this problem. As Application Data folder is hidden folder you first need to show hidden files (if you do not know how to show hidden files you can show the hidden files according to the following instructions)

If you are using windows 7 follow the following images
First go to control panel (Start -> Control Panel)
Control panel looks like one of following image according to your configuration
if looks like first image click on Appearance and personalization and then click on the Folder options
If it looks like the image below just click on the folder options

After open the Folder option dialog box select the VIEW tab and show the Hidden files Folders and Drivers as shown in the image below. Then hit OK

Open the Skype application data folder located under AppData by following this path
C:\Users\ YOUR_NAME \AppData\Roaming\Skype
Within Skype folder there are few files and folders find the file name call shared.xml then rename it to shared2.xml or delete.
Restart Skype it woks as used to.
if you are not using windows 7
In XP, AppData folder has a different name that is Application Data
C:\Documents and Settings \”user name”\Local Settings\Application Data
After find the folder other steps are same as windows 7.

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