Roku Wants to Make Your Soundbar Roku TV Ready

Roku has recently launched a program called Roku TV ready. This program is designed to allow third-party customers electronics companies to make products that will function with Roku TV televisions. Roku also has its partners manufacturing the soundbars Roku TV Ready.

If you already have Roku Television setup, there is a chance you will be able to connect a soundbar to your television setup. The only problem is that it will add one remote control to your structure, and no one likes additional remote control attached to your entertainment setup. To deal with this problem, Roku is launching a program that will allow you to control your soundbar using your own Roku TV remote control. Hence, it will not require additional remote control which will reduce your installation cost. Roku also guarantees that the devices with remote control will work smoothly as all the tests are already performed. Your Roku Tv setup must recognize Roku Tv devices, and after recognition, it will automatically configuring everything itself. After the successful configuration, you will be able to control your soundbar using your remote control. 

With introducing these new features, Roku’s goal is to make the TV experience simple, reliable, convenient, easy to use and easy to access. 

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