Plex Launched a Free Streaming Service

Plex had officially launched its own free streaming services of TV shows, movies and many more other services. Plex is also providing thousands of its contents to its users for free, and there is no need for any subscription. Plex had brought these changes after the announcement of this offer. Due to this new service, Plex had become a new streaming service to consider. The availability of Plex is extensive. The free content offered by Plex will not require any subscription and users can enjoy the material which is available for free without the need for any payment.
Plex is easy to use, and it is user-friendly. The thumbnails are arranged in such a way that will provide ease of access to its users. The content is organized and managed in a similar way to Netflix. Tv shows, movies etc. are arranged according to categories, trending and many more. Watch history feature is also included inside Plex. Plex offers titles, genres, description, rating, video length etc. to videos available in Plex, which provides better functionality to this streaming service. You can also mark videos as played in Plex. Plex is available for different platforms like Android, iOS, Roku TV, Smart televisions, Android televisions and even on Apple TV.

To watch Plex for free, all you need to do is to sign up to Plex for Plex free account. After the creation of your free Plex account, you will be able to watch and enjoy free content offered by Plex across different devices by making a quick login on any device you want to watch Plex.

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