How to show hidden files in server by filezilla in windows linux and mac

Some hidden files in the Server cannot see by the file manager of the C Panel and if you are not have VPS (some shared hosing packages does not proved this facility to see hidden file in the servers) it takes very long time to contact your web hosting provider and you have to wait till they will give a solution. Using FileZilla FTP client you can solve his problem by yourself. It is simple as ABC

First install FileZilla (download) then using your FTP login, login to your web server. (Default Port is 21)

To show the hidden files in the server Manu Bar-> Server -> Force Showing Hidden Files

Then it will show the hidden files in your web server. (If one pop up comes, just click on OK as we often do)

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How to Open ePub file on MAC Windows Linux

Hope you need to open ebook of document that is in ePub format. ePub is the shorten form of the short form of Electronic Publication. If you have installed Adobe Digital Editions you can directly open ePub document by using Adobe Digital Edition(but as you know it is costly if you going to buy Adobe Digital Edition just for read one eBook).
The easiest way to open the ePub document (if you do not have Adobe Digital Edition) is using Firefox web browser

There are few steps to complete to read ePub document using Firefox

  1. Install the Firefox extension (ADD-ONS) that is call EPUB Reader CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PLUGIN PAGE
  2. Restart the Firefox
  3. Just drag and drop the ePub file on the Firefox window.

After EPUB Reader is installed  it can download, read and manage ePub files.

EPUB Reader added bookmarks of the read books / documents.

You can find them under Firefox “Tools” menu, called “ePub-Catalog” , if you are using Firefox 4.0 or later button has been added automatically.

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