5 Ways to Improve the Speed of Your Router

A router with high performance can make a massive difference in the speed of your internet. But the high-quality and top-model router is expensive to set up. And what if you do not have much money to afford top-of-the-range model router?

So, if you want to know how to optimize your router settings to establish the best router configuration for the best internet speed, keep reading.

1. Speed Up Your Router With a New Antenna

The simple and easiest way to speed up the performance of your router is to buy a new antenna. Replacing the old antenna with the new antenna is a great fix and a simple way to improve the quality of the signal of your router. The new antenna can offer a significant improvement over weak signals or signal loss.

2. Schedule an Automatic Reboot

It is always the best option to schedule a router reboot. You may run into problems like dead internet connection. Rebooting your router can help you to get back with your internet connection. It is always better if you reboot your router once every day. However, if you find yourself being annoyed about rebooting a router, you can schedule an automatic reboot. This feature comes with your router configuration settings.

3. Keep Your Router Updated

One of the best options for running the internet without much interruption is by using the latest firmware and software from the manufacturer. Updates usually include security fixes. However, the security fixes cannot help you to speed up your router. But in some cases, it can help you to solve the slow down issues with your router. If you’ve not updated the firmware and software of your router, you must try it once. 

4. Changing the Router’s Location

Apart from choosing and configuring the best setting for your router, it would be best if you also considered where you are placing your router. Movements with your router’s location can make some difference with the quality of your internet connection. The walls of your building can obstruct the signal of your wireless network. So, it is always better to avoid walls of your premises for high signal gain.

5. Install New Firmware

Many routers run with the default firmware, which can be laggy. There are many open-source firmware options for some of the popular routers. Every router does not support the firmware update or new firmware installation. New firmware installation can help you speed up your router. Find the firmware with the best settings and install the latest firmware. Some popular third-party firmware includes DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWRT, etc.


Hopefully, this blog post has shown you how to optimize your router’s speed and identify the best configuration settings for faster and best internet.



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